Multiplication: Another Biotic Principle And God’s Choice

Several years ago, I wrote that I believe multiplication is God’s preferred math formula. Every living thing that God created, He created to grow and to reproduce (multiply). None of God’s living creations will grow indefinitely. But all are designed to reproduce themselves. These are natural growth tendencies of all things living. One more of the biotic – natural growth principles is Multiplication.

Multiplication: Interestingly, every definition I looked up of the word multiplication, used the word multiply in its definition. Now, I was always taught in school to never use a word in its own definition. So, let’s take another angle. Addition is adding to what is existing. Multiplication is reproducing at higher rates than simply adding. Every living organism that God created He created to reproduce (multiply).

Healthy organisms do not grow endlessly, but reproduce themselves. The church is a living organism therefore it should be considered a living, growing, reproducing creation of God Almighty. Classes reproduce classes, churches reproduce more churches, and a Christian reproduces more Christians. Successful leaders reproduce more leaders.

In everything you do, a basic question to ask each day is, “What am I doing today to reproduce – multiply – what I have and know, in other people?” If you are a teacher, are you reproducing or simply teaching facts? If you are a pastor, how are you reproducing multiple ministers? As a leader, how are you gifting others to produce successful leaders?

Whatever God has given you, He has given to you, not to hold and hoard, but to share to and build others. We are to pour into others what we have gained in knowledge and experience. Then we are to go further and assist others in becoming even greater than ourselves. This was even a practice of Jesus Christ. He said, The Father will do even greater things than these through you (George Yates translation).

Don’t teach to show how much you know. Teach to show how much more someone can grow. Teach them how to go out and find even more than you can give.

And while you’re at it, don’t just choose one person to pour into. That’s addition. God prefers multiplication. Resolve today to multiply yourself. Then go out and get started!