Five Elements Of Becoming A Water-Walker

Throughout scripture we see a pattern in the lives of those God desires to use. There are five elements in every life of the people God summons. One such example is written in Matthew 14:22-33. In this passage Jesus comes to His Disciples at 3:00 in the morning. They are in a boat being tossed around on the angry waves of the sea. Jesus is walking on the water.

  1. God has a Call-, a purpose on the life of every born-again believer. Every day we begin a new leg of our journey. Each day is but another passage of our voyage called life. Every day, as Christians, we must be ready to get out of the boat and walk on water as God calls.

In the storms of life, it sometimes takes eyes of faith to recognize when Jesus is passing by. If you are not looking for Him, you might just miss Him. This is the detriment in the lives of many church-goers. We don’t look for Jesus in the storm or the good times.

Jesus used a familiar term to the disciples. It was a Hebrew term found in the Old Testament. He said, “Do not be afraid, It is I.” or “It is I AM.” A term used for God.

  1. There is always a fear – As I read and recall, when God appeared to one of His servants and “called” them to a special work, there is always one emotion present – fear.

However, each time that person or people group said yes to God’s calling, they experienced God’s power in their lives. But they first had to overcome their own fear.

  1. There is always a reassurance – As Christians we find ourselves in similar situations as Peter on this night. We must ask ourselves, “Is this really what God is calling me to?”

Jesus gave Peter the reassurance. He said, “Come.” Peter, through his faith and trust in Jesus had to step out and do something beyond his comfort level resting on the reassurance of Christ.

  1. There is always a decision – This is not a story of risk taking. It is a story of obedience. Peter had enough faith to be part of this miraculous event. Peter was ready for his extreme adventure in discipleship.

On this particular night 91% of Jesus’ closest followers chose fear over faith. Only one was ready to be a water-walker. Which camp are you in, fear or faith?

  1. There is always a changed life – You either get out of the boat, join God in His work, allow the Holy Spirit to change you to be more like Christ,

Or you stay in the boat, and let your fears and presuppositions change you into a calloused and hardened person – a boat sitter.

Every time you get out of the boat you become a little more like Christ. With every act of obedience, you become a water-walker.

When we think of this passage, we think of Peter. We do not think of the other eleven disciples. But you and I are either like Peter or we are like the other eleven. Faith or fear?

If today were judgment day and it was your turn to stand before God, and God showed you a video of your life, would your video show a boat sitter or a water walker?

Only you can change that video. I pray that you choose to be a water-walker.